Are you looking to hire a projector in Sydney? Many folks get scared off by the deluge of jargon that comes with projector hire. Fortunately, we have the tips and tricks you need to know to navigate this sticky arena.

Why is projector hire so tricky?

It actually isn’t. it’s just that we tend to think of projectors very simplistically, where in reality there are a lot of different features designed to make different projectors work best in certain circumstances- brighter or darker rooms, school settings, interactive whiteboard use and more.

If you’re only looking to hire a projector once off, though, the different facets and terminology just gets confusing. If you’re looking for a projector for specialised use, like cinema, edge blending or projection mapping, you’re best getting an expert to guide you through the process. However, if you’re just looking for the more standard uses like meetings, presentations and conferences, you’re more than able to get the right projector for you with a little knowledge.

Does brightness matter?

Yes, it does. You need to balance cost with effect, and the brighter projectors do tend to be more expensive to hire a projector, but you don’t want to lose out on the features you need either. The brighter the room you will use it in [time of day matters too] the brighter you will need.

Projector hire companies list their ‘brightness’ factor in Lumens, often listed as ANSI lumens. This is a standard measure used to calculate brightness. The higher the number, the brighter the projector. There’s a catch though- some manufactures list the Limen number as ‘centre lumens’…it’s a way of making the projector seem brighter than it is. The edges of the picture will likely wash out.

Projectors can have DLP or LCD chips. DLP projectors will be brighter, for the same lumens, then an LCD projector. Ambient light will have a massive effect on the imagery, too- so always try and get the showing room as dark as possible. Bright daylight in a white tent or marquee creates conditions where it’s near impossible to project.

Is brightness all that matters?

No! There’s actually more important things to consider when you hire a projector then the Lumen value. The size of the image projected will impact your experience. The bigger the picture, the dimmer the image. There’s a lot of calculation with the inverse square law if you want to get technical about this.

In the end, much of the art of hiring a projector comes in balancing the audience’s perception with the budget. There are tables available on the net to roughly pick a lumen value for your needs. Remember, though, that 5 or 10 years ago, lower lumens would have been used in those same rooms- however, the image would not have been as crisp and clear, and our expectations change with technology. In the end, if you’re looking to hire a projector, getting the one the audience will perceive as acceptable is the key.

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